The Palouse Region/Pullman Community Advisory Committee, comprised of members from the Palouse area, works in partnership with INWCF to make the funding decisions for this grant program. The grants are made possible by funds that have been established by donors in the Palouse region interested in charitable giving. These funds, known collectively as the Palouse Region/Pullman Community, have a geographic restriction or preference for the benefit of the  Palouse region. A number of these funds were originally held by the Pullman Community Foundation. In 1982, the Pullman Community Foundation chose Inland Northwest Community Foundation to continue their legacy by managing these funds. Several funds have been added since the original group was transferred to INWCF. If you wish to establish your own fund, or contribute to one of the existing funds that benefit the Palouse region, please contact INWCF staff.

Pullman Community Funds Advisory Committee

Paul Kimmell

Peady Schwabe

Donna Woolston

Vicki Leeper

Mike Waite

Robin Fahle Ohlgren

Francis Benjamin