Inland Northwest Community Foundation is proud to be the steward of more than $98 million in assets comprised of 470 charitable funds (as of June 30, 2016). Thanks to the trust placed in us by generous, community-minded donors, we have awarded more than $59 million in grants and scholarships throughout the region since our inception in 1974.  

Consolidated Investment Fund Performance

The Foundation's endowed assets are pooled in a portfolio specifically created for Inland Northwest Community Foundation. Our Board of Directors, professional staff and external investment consultant, Fund Evaluation Group, monitor the performance of the Consolidated Investment Fund on a monthly basis and oversee the Foundation's investment policy, including asset allocation.  The names of the investment managers and fees are available upon request.


Inland Northwest Community Foundation
Consolidated Investment Fund Performance
as of June 30, 2017
  INWCF Investment Return* Custom Benchmark** Difference
1 year +12.9% +10.9% +2.0%
3 years +3.4% +3.7% -0.3%
5 years +7.7% +7.0% +0.7%
7 years +8.3% +7.6% +0.7%
10 years +4.4% +4.4% +0.0%


*        INWCF returns are net of investment management fees. Past performance is no indication of future results.
**     Custom benchmark is derived from a weighted average of the major stock and bond indexes based on INWCF's asset allocation target