About the Nonprofit Catalog

The Nonprofit Catalog provides a listing of charitable organizations located within INWCF's 20-county service region. The catalog includes 501(c)(3) organizations that meet INWCF's funding criteria for competitive grant programs. 

Some organizations may provide services in more than one county. These organizations are listed in the catalog by the county in which the primary business office is located. If a 501(c)(3) organization provides services in the INWCF region but has primary headquarters located outside our 20-county region, the organization is not included in the Nonprofit Catalog.

The information shown in the Nonprofit Catalog is provided by the organization and is for informational purposes only. Inclusion is not necessarily an endorsement by INWCF.

Tips - Searching for an Organization

Users can search for organizations in a variety of ways, including by name, location and by the following program areas:

  • ARTS, CULTURE: This includes performing arts, visual arts, arts education, humanities, historic awareness and preservation.
  • EDUCATIONAL: This includes pre-school, elementary, secondary and higher education, as well as literacy organizations.
  • HUMAN SERVICES: This includes housing/shelter, health care, food/nutrition, child and youth development.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: This includes economic development, animal welfare, community/neighborhood development, environment, employment/job training. 

Adding or Updating Organization Information

Organizations may submit a request to be included in the Nonprofit Catalog, or to update information that is already listed. To do so, please fill out the Nonprofit Catalog Request.

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