Keith Annual Calendar Photo

"Call me Keith," says Anna Keith Carter. "Thats my real name," she explains. "My mother liked the name and decided to name her first child 'Keith' - regardless of gender." Fresh out of Madison College, Keith taught math and physical education at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, in Virginia. After three years, she took a job in Berlin, Germany teaching math for the U.S. military, where she met Jim Carter, a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. "He was 16 years older than I was," Keith says, "and my parents weren't too pleased at first, but after we married, they grew to love and respect him." Prior to their marriage, Jim had purchased land in Idaho, north of Sandpoint. "It was completely undeveloped, so we started building and never left." in 2015, she established a donor-advised endowed fund that makes it easier to provide charitable grants, giving
her more time to hike, ski and travel.